A Bark On The Beach-Gulf of Mexico

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The terrain is shaped by rain and groundwater that dissolve the limestone to form sinkholes, swales and underground caverns. The limestone was formed millions of years ago from ancient coral reefs and shell deposits. The karst plain is still evolving; acidic water continues to dissolve underlying limestone and when cavities become large enough, the surface layer collapses and new sinkholes can form at any time.

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The trail system at Leon Sinks is a four-mile loop that links the Sinkhole Trail and the Gunswamp Trail sinkholes are formed by the underwater aquifer, swamps are created by surface water. The Sinkhole Trail connects more than a dozen sinkholes, some dry and some filled with water. Boardwalk observation decks provide close-up views. The deepest is the Big Dismal Sink at feet. Keep a close hold on your dog around these sinks - they have steep walls and dogs - and people - have drowned at Leon Sinks.

From the tupelo gum swamps to the sandy ridges you cannot find a more diverse plant world along the trail. Where The Paw Meets The Earth: None of the underground limestone penetrates the ground so the trails are paw-friendly sand and a joy for your dog. Workout For Your Dog — More than hour of splendid canine hiking here.

Restrictions On Dogs - Dogs are welcome to hike at Leon Sinks and they keep a plastic water bowl at the trailhead water fountain for a hot, thirsty trail dog.


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In local volunteers undertook the extremely hazardous task of exploring and mapping the underwater cave system lying behind the opening at the front of Hammock Sink. When the divers were finished they had mapped over 41, feet of passages from Sullivan Sink to Cheryl Sink and.

Years later a link between Leon Sinks and Wakulla Springs to the southeast was also discovered. The mapping project confirmed that the Leon Sinks underwater cave system is the largest known in the United States. Website - www. Directions - Tallahassee; from I, take Exit west. Turn right on Edenfield Road to Miccosukee Road; parking is on the north side of the road.

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These rolling hills were originally cleared by cotton planters in the s. As the soil tuckered out, the plantations failed and wealthy northerners seeking warm-weather retreats came around with checks in hand. After his death in , Udo Fleischmann left the estate to his wife who raised prized Hereford cattle in this quiet corner of Northwest Florida. With development pressures, a large chunk of the Welaunee Plantation has been carefully preserved since in the Miccosukee Greenway by the Trust for Public Land, Leon County and private owners.

In the trail was designated a National Recreation Trail. The main parking lot is roughly at the center of a six-mile stretch of Miccosukee Road. The primary trail, wide and paw-friendly, more or less loops in both directions. The greatest joy of hiking with your dog along the Miccosukee Greenway is the rolling hills and open vistas of pastureland that are rare in Northwest Florida. Your dog may even chance to see a cow or two. The fervor to protect its trees dates back to May 25, when a fire erupted in Washington Hall and within three hours burned every structure in the downtown business district.

When the fire was extinguished, Tallahasseans made two vows: to rebuild the buildings using brick and to plant more trees. Today, the capital has designated 78 miles of canopy roads with a tree protection area that includes all land within feet of the centerline of the road. Miccosukee Road, that began life as an Indian footpath that led to the village of Mikosuki, is a crown jewel of the Tallahassee canopy road system.

For a pure get-out-in-the-woods-and-hike-with-your-dog outing, it is hard to top Pine Log State Forest. The Division of Forestry has carved three trail systems through the slash and longleaf pine forests. The Old Sawmill Trail was developed for horses and the Crooked Creek Trail built for off-road bikes and while these long distance trails are open to your dog as well, most canine hikers will want to head to the Sand Pond Recreation Area first. The marquis loop at Sand Pond is the 5. Tiemann was the first park ranger assigned to Pine Log State Forest in and he laid out most of the routes down to Pine Log Creek and back.

The Florida Trail is developed for eight miles across the forest. Also available at Sand Pond is the easy-going Campground Boardwalk Trail that can be completed by even an inexperienced trail dog in less than one hour. Foot traffic only on the Boardwalk Trail but you can go for hours and never see another trail user on any of the Pine Log State Forest systems. Workout For Your Dog — Several hours of woods walking on tap here.

Swimming - Sand Pond at the campground is an ideal doggie swimming hole. Restrictions On Dogs - Dogs are allowed on the trails and in the campground. An enormous foot boardwalk crosses the large cypress pond in the Sand Pond Recreation Area. The area had been extensively logged and under the stewardship of the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, the Division of Forestry has planted more than one million longleaf pines.

While juggling timber management, wildlife management and ecological restoration across 15, acres the state has developed the Eastern Lake Trail System for outdoor enthusiasts. Most of the trail is laid across wide double-track and jeep roads. The surface under paw ranges from thick sugar sand to easier going on packed sand jeep roads.

The trees are still only 20 to 30 feet tall in most places so there is plenty of sunlight that warms the trail under the open sky. This is almost universally flat going for your dog. Still, do not expect much competition for these trails.

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Workout For Your Dog — Loops of one, two or three hours are available. Also known as Florida Sandreed, the wispy plants grow best in moist depressions. Directions - St. Marks NWR was established in for wintering migratory birds, and over species of birds have been recorded on the refuge, with 98 species nesting on-site. Marks includes coastal marshes, islands, tidal creeks and the estuaries of seven Florida rivers.

Dogs are not allowed on most national park trails and one of the reasons given is that they might harass wildlife. Yet dog are often permitted on the trails in national wildlife refuges - and that is the happy case at St. The star walk for canine day hikers is the Mounds Pool Interpretive Trail dips in and out of woods around freshwater and salt marshes.

Highlights include close-up looks at Cabbage Palms, the Florida state tree. At the lighthouse the Levee Trail and Cedar Point Trail introduce more hardy plants adapting to the whipping winds and salt spray. Your dog will only have to deal with the potentially harsh conditions for about one mile. There are several other short trails to sample on the St. Marks Unit or you can pull the car off to side and create your own routes on the open levees and old logging roads. You can wander for hours on these primitive walking trails and not see another trail user.

Nearly 50 miles of the Florida National Scenic Trail snakes through the wildlife refuge, traversing a greater variety of forest types and wildlife communities than any other North Florida stretch of the cross-state trail. In addition to several miles in the St. Where The Paw Meets The Earth: There are maps, signs, brochures and trail markings to help you navigate the 75 miles of trail here. Swimming - Alligators thrive in the ponds and pools around the refuge levees; the area is marshy but there is access to the Gulf of Mexico near the lighthouse. Restrictions On Dogs - Dogs are allowed to use the refuge trails.

The St. Marks Lighthouse got off to an inauspicious start in when its walls were discovered to be hollow instead of solid and the builders were charged with deliberate fraud against the United States. Calvin Knowlton rebuilt the tower with the only wooden staircase in any Florida lighthouse and the light was properly commissioned in January In , with its base threatened by erosion, the original brick tower was dismantled and rebuilt further inland - just in time for the Great Hurricane of with its foot storm surges.

Every building in the area was destroyed except the lighthouse. The foot tower has remained stout ever since, even withstanding a Confederate attempt to blow it up during the Civil War. The last keeper retired in and now an automated St. Marks Light guides mariners across 15 miles of Apalachee Bay.

He was bitten by a snake and forced to drink rancid water. Your dog is likely to figure he is closer to heaven than hell when hiking here.

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The High Bluff Coastal Hiking Trail is a linear 4-mile, natural surface pathway through a coastal scrub habitat. The ancient sand dunes have been colonized by small oaks, saw palmetto and isolated groups of sand pines that let plenty of sunlight in along the trail. When the route drops off the ridge, the scrub gives way to shady pines. Under paw your dog will enjoy a soft sand and pine straw surface along the roomy path.

These Dog-Friendly Beaches Welcome Your Furry Friends

Up above, eagles and osprey soar and a Florida black bear may even stray this far down to the coast. Where The Paw Meets The Earth: Trailmaps are available at the trailhead and there are blazes and mile markers to keep you from heading down a stray jeep road. Swimming - None, but down the road in Carrabelle Beach is one of the few places you can take your dog to the beach along the Gulf of Mexico.

Pull off the road at a rest stop on the ocean side of US A boardwalk in one of the most vibrant sanctuaries leads up over the treetops to a viewing tower. Topsail Hill is the most intact coastal ecosystem in all of Florida. The state moved to protect this unique natural area by purchasing 1, acres here in There are 14 identifiable ecosystems, including freshwater coastal dune lakes, wet prairies, scrub, pine flatwoods, marshes, cypress domes, seepage slopes and 3. Topsail Hill is the best place that you can take your dog for an extended hike along the Gulf of Mexico.

The trail of choice is the Morris Lake Nature Trail , a 2. The dunes trail is wide open and exposed to the elements so bring plenty of water for your dog on a hot day and since every step of the way is across glistening white soft sugar sand, your dog will get a workout any time of the year.

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In fact, look for iron tracks laid down during World War II that allowed heavy trucks to travel across the thick sand when these dunes were used as a bombing range. Morris Lake is one of three freshwater coastal dune lakes on the property.

A Bark On The Beach-Gulf of Mexico A Bark On The Beach-Gulf of Mexico
A Bark On The Beach-Gulf of Mexico A Bark On The Beach-Gulf of Mexico
A Bark On The Beach-Gulf of Mexico A Bark On The Beach-Gulf of Mexico
A Bark On The Beach-Gulf of Mexico A Bark On The Beach-Gulf of Mexico
A Bark On The Beach-Gulf of Mexico A Bark On The Beach-Gulf of Mexico
A Bark On The Beach-Gulf of Mexico A Bark On The Beach-Gulf of Mexico
A Bark On The Beach-Gulf of Mexico A Bark On The Beach-Gulf of Mexico

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