Calling on the Lord

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Calling on the Name of the Lord

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What is Calling on the Lord?

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Harming Trees I Pray. Clearly its not just using a new but believing in the Name. The one who you should look to for your needs to be met. To call on the Name of the Lord is to stand in what he came in. Hope this allowed you to see this also in such a few words, Amen. In every example of someone being saved in the book of Acts there is not one in which they are told to call upon the Lord by praying, not one.

The only one we have a record of where someone prayed before they were saved is the apostle Paul.

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Get up and be baptized. Have your sins washed away by calling on the name of the Lord.

Call On The Lord At All Times

According to Ananias he did. Was baptism something he had to do? Well, according to the Lord it was. You will be told what you must do. The only thing that is revealed that Ananias told him to do was, arise and be baptized and have your sins washed away by calling on the name of the Lord. To call upon the Lord is to recognize the authority Jesus to forgive sins and to submit to his authority.

So baptism is calling upon the name of the Lord but no more than believing, and no more than confession, or repentance. Because all of those are commands of the Lord and add up to obeying the gospel. Calling upon the name of the Lord and obeying the gospel are equivalent to each other. Thanks for such a great article on this topic. I am often dismayed at how swiftly someone is urged to say a "prayer of salvation" to get saved before a declaration of belief and faith in Christ's work on the cross and God's plan of salvation is uttered.

This crucial element is clearly and lovingly outlined in this article. Great write up and a lot of truth to theology however I respectfully disagree in some areas. The reason Bible tracts make salvation sound so easy is because it really is just that easy. Jesus says any man who calls upon me And I will in no wise cast out, can also mean praying, praying is a way of speaking directly to God.

Exodus was not a large book in contrast to other books in old testament.

Some authors in the bible just specified more or less. God bless. Thank you Pastor Sean for this blog. I was in emergency unit in the hospital, I was seriously in pain in the night. I had major surgery earlier, I was discharged home after 6days. I returned to emergency unit after 4 days in pain. I was very uncomfortable in the night, I could not really pray, but from time to time I would say something to God. I feel asleep, then woke up with this msg, "whosoever shall call upon the name of the lord shall be saved by the lord " The voice was that of my Pastor, but I knew that was msg from God.

Then I Prayed, save me oh God from this pain immediately, nurse came in to check on me, I told her how I felt, she administered pain Med and brought extra pilo, I got peace in my body. But I know I am born again, that msg part of what people are made to say when they want to give their life to God.

As I went through the posting on this blog, I have better understanding of my msg "Have faith in God, pray to God, and stand upon his promises ". It would seem that there has been a "witch-hunt" about this issue for some time. Faith reaches out to a waiting Redeemer, and calls upon Him to be saved. Peter did it, the publican did it, Paul enjoins it, the Old Testament prophet recorded it. A person is saved by faith through receiving Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord. For many, this is expressed in a heart-cry to God the Savior.

I think this is why we do not specifically read of this type of out-loud prayer in the Acts, it occurred within the heart and the Apostles witnessed the indwelling Spirit Acts 10 or other repentant changes and did not need to encourage it. Prayer is not meritorious, it is not a work, it is the attitude of grateful reception of that which God offers. How can someone who wants to have a relationship with The Lord be rejected? Jesus said just come and I will certainly not cast you out, Nasb.

Calling “Lord, Lord” Not Enough

I'm not going to trust my works but His. I don't stand for Calvinism or the other. I can always tell a Calvinism preacher by the way He makes the gospel so complicated. Because of that ive had an awful time hearing the contradicting, works don't matter for salvation but Feelings don't matter but So I sat around waiting for God to do something though I know not what.

Noise Words

Its mind boggling to me hearing people say don't believe Jesus saved you when you asked. And Jesus says believe me I will save you if you do. Faith in the person who died for the ungodly, while we were helpless, sinners and His enemy Romans ,8,10 and who says he justifies the ungodly Romans without works.

Jesus says its ok to ask. Read John Don't tell people God doesn't do what He says He will. When people come to Jesus John to ask for salvation Romans responding to an invitation He has given Isaiah ,Mathew He saves them. Gods word says so.

Calling on the Lord Calling on the Lord
Calling on the Lord Calling on the Lord
Calling on the Lord Calling on the Lord
Calling on the Lord Calling on the Lord
Calling on the Lord Calling on the Lord
Calling on the Lord Calling on the Lord

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