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Ditching Boy. Kevin Polk. Kevin McCauley. Purchasable with gift card. Second Bloom East Bay Scars From You No Sleep Out Of Control The Next One Feat. Darenda Weaver Electric Change AzureAngel2 , Anedon and Chyntuck like this. The plateau itself was stony with only coarse grasses, mosses, lichens and windshaped brushwood growing on the stony, barren land. It was a restless night with the Jaar, the howling night wind, constantly clawing at our tents and the cold biting through both the tent-walls and our sleeping bags.

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When the morning came more than one of us lifted the thought that we would never feel truly warm again, even if the hot soup helped. Halfway toward the ruined city we realised that the great pillars that was encircling it, that we had speculated of being some kind of remains of a once great wall or grand pillars of some decorative or religious purpose, was actually great obelisks, duplicates of the ones that guarded the path to the high plateau, if lacking the ropes and prayer flags that decorated them.

Fools that we were we commented that the athenar most really have believed this curse, to build so many obelisks covered in warnings. When we reached the city itself we found a four meter tall bloc of stone blocking the path, unlike the obelisks so was there just once sentence carved into it in athenar script, the rest of it was covered in pictograms showing people, of different species, entering the city and ending up dead.

If we had just listened and turned back Gamiel , Nov 6, Intresting chapter, now we truly get into the city. I like yozr describtion of the ruins, it mostly fits with how I imangine Athenar buildings. My favourite part is the block with the pictograms. Its so in character for the Athenar to not even bother to write a warning down in basic but instead drawn pictures as if they where adressing small children. Which is exactly how they view pretty much everyone who isn't an Athenar.

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Nice chapter. Anedon , Nov 6, AzureAngel2 , Sith-I-5 and Gamiel like this. Registered: Dec 21, This story is fascinating. Cowgirl Jedi , Nov 6, AzureAngel2 and Gamiel like this. Very nice description of the ruins, and a rather ominous if indeed snarky warning on the slab of stone. With so many warnings, you'd expect most people to have turned back by this point, but this group hasn't — and now we're going to find out what awaits them in the city. Chyntuck , Nov 9, A bit on the shorter side but I thought it better to post something then allow you to wait 20 more days for my mouse to reappear -x-x-x-x-xx- Part 3 The ruined city was actually a bit of a disappointment for us.

With all the talk and warnings about curses and death we had expected it to be more dreadful and haunting to our senses. The ruined city was not, at least at first, different in any remarkable way from any of the other athenar city ruins on Bran-Mak-Morn, if you ignored the complete lack of traces of a thark or human presence, current or past. Voidfarer suggested that whatever was making our equipment to glitch was the reason the semi-natives thought of the place as haunted. Our plan was to first place all the main buildings on our map and give a suggestion to what they most likely had been.

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As our research went on we begun to find the city less… normal. We all agreed that it must be the thin air together with all the stories that was getting to our heads, how wrong we were. At the end of the fifth day Voidfarer and Kris Troubadix, her intern, come back reporting that they had found, in one of the main buildings to the east, murals depicting what seemed to be history. Gamiel , Nov 29, Registered: Feb 27, Caught up now—this is off to such a fascinating start! You create such a rich setting with the Athenar fanon details—I too am definitely getting a Lovecraft vibe here, both from the detailed descriptions of the settings and from the style of narration.

So far things seem relatively calm for our team, even almost disappointingly so, as you say at the start of chapter three—though the very fact that everything is so calm now paves the way for things to build up to be all the more sinister later. Metushalakh , one of those early pre-Flood people who lived for centuries—is that right? Another cool touch. Findswoman , Dec 5, Gamiel , Dec 5, Oh come ON , Gamiel! You bring your muse back right now, because I want to know what happens next! Although I have to say that I love the short entry format, it gives us readers time to build anticipation in-between chapters — and in this one, our explorers start out finding that the city looks perfectly normal, then that it's not so normal after all.

My guess is that the abnormally long shadows and the drops of water flying upwards indicate that the Force is running amok in this place, but I'll wait to see what the history frescoes say Chyntuck , Dec 18, Interesting additions. I do like that block on their path, showing multiple species entering the city and coming a cropper. Sith-I-5 , Dec 28, Registered: Dec 18, Gamiel very nice set up. As folks have mentioned the Lovecraft and Robert E. Howard vibe is terrific.

Targeted Protein Degradation: from Chemical Biology to Drug Discovery.

Beginning to feel the Lovecraftian dread here, which is great. The humor is welcome too that makes me think of a nod to latter day Evil Dead , so well done.

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