Gentleman: A Family Memoir

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Poetry bt the late H F R Soame.

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Poetry PAGt. Pleasures of Memory. Page - to try it, I own, Ah!

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Come, Doctor, put down. Now ladies, I ask, if Page - I fret in my gizzard, yet, cautious and sly, I wish all my friends may be bolder than I : Yet still they sit snug, not a creature will aim By losing their money to venture at fame. Page 92 - As he never writes without careful inquiry and diligent consideration, I have received all his notes, and believe that every reader will wish for more. Of the last editor it is more difficult to speak. Respect is due to high place, tenderness to living reputation, and veneration to genius and learning ; but he cannot be Page - They have kindled the fire that is raging now from the north to the south, and from the south to the north.

Page - Latins have an expression for a contemptuous kind of laughter, 'naso contemnere adunco' ; that is, to laugh with a crooked nose. She may laugh at you in the manner of the antients if she thinks fit. But now I come to the most extraordinary of all extraordinary propositions, which is, to take your and your sister's advice in playing at loo. The presumption of the offer raises my indignation beyond the bounds of prose ; it inspires me at once with verse and resentment. I take advice! Page I have two neighbours, a man and his wife, both upwards of eighty years of age; they live alone; the husband has been confined to his bed many months and has never had, nor till within these few weeks has ever needed, any body to attend to him but his wife.

I suddenly remembered the earlier experience and, as we could not be seen, decided to try and see what she looked like. Within seconds she had lifted her dress and pulled down her panties while I opened my shorts. I was fascinated to see she was also missing a penis and I investigated this in great detail, to which she seemed to derive some pleasure. To my great disappointment, we had to cut the game short when we heard her mother calling her for dinner. I wanted to continue a few days later but she never agreed to this again. In the street behind where we lived was a small inner city park called Hamilton Square.

It is a square grassed area in the middle of a residential housing area and had about 20 large, very old trees and a lot of smaller bushes. The square had been provided with a Band Rotunda; public men's and women's toilets; and children's playground. It's main use was as a practice area by local brass bands which were very popular back then, but of course was also used as a recreational area by local families and by all the local children as a playground. Almost opposite the square lived a family with 12 children and I used to particularly friendly with one boy from this large family.

The Bucolic Plague

When I used to call at his house, if he was not home I would sometimes play with his other sisters or brothers. Also in the family were twin girls who at that stage were only slightly younger than I was. They were not identical twins as one was blond and the other was somewhat darker. One day I happened to find myself alone on the Rotunda with the blond twin. I started to make suggestions and I found that with only a very minor amount of coaxing, she allowed me to put my hand under her dress and touch her genitals through her panties.

Of course I wanted more, so I asked her if she liked it and as she said yes, I persuaded her to follow me across the park to the nearby men's toilet. Because of the position on the edge of the square, they were very close to houses across the street, so for privacy the council had apparently placed the door at the rear and then provided additional privacy by shielding it with a group of trees and bushes.

Something I might add that would never be done these days. This toilet was perfect for my activities and I made continued use of it over the years that followed. We walked over and stood behind the bushes so that we could not be seen from the park side. After I checked the toilet and made sure it was empty, she followed me into a cubicle and after I shut the door, she allowed me to take off her panties. As she was quite a small girl for her age, I helped her up to stand on the seat of the toilet. This placed her at a much better height and I was able to have a marvelous time inspecting and playing with her very pretty young genitals.

A touching memoir of a Holocaust survivor

I also opening it to see what was inside and I think this was the first time that I actively realized that there was a tiny bump in there. I can remember wondering if it was a penis that had not grown fully. I showed her my penis, and after seeing it that first day, she seemed quite interested and on later occasions sometimes she would ask to hold it to see it grow larger. I was very keen to repeat this delightful time and looked for her after school, but every time I saw her, she was with other children.

Much to my frustration, I did not see her alone for about two weeks.

Then one afternoon as I was walking home from school, she came out of the gate alongside me. I asked if she would like to come to the square and play afterwards. She told me she had to clean her room but would be there after that.

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I did some of my homework then went to the square and waited for her.

Gentleman: A Family Memoir Gentleman: A Family Memoir
Gentleman: A Family Memoir Gentleman: A Family Memoir
Gentleman: A Family Memoir Gentleman: A Family Memoir
Gentleman: A Family Memoir Gentleman: A Family Memoir
Gentleman: A Family Memoir Gentleman: A Family Memoir
Gentleman: A Family Memoir Gentleman: A Family Memoir
Gentleman: A Family Memoir Gentleman: A Family Memoir
Gentleman: A Family Memoir Gentleman: A Family Memoir
Gentleman: A Family Memoir Gentleman: A Family Memoir

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