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Host a themed scavenger hunt at work 5.

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Buy out the dollar store for cheap awesome decorations and deck your house, office, car, yard, etc. Hand out candy to trick-or-treaters on or before the last day of the month 7. Cue fog machines to go off whenever you enter the room 9. Put orange food coloring in anything you possibly can Wrap your friends up with toilet paper Play candy corn cleavage throwing games Throw a pumpkin carving party Knit an orange and black scarf Put potion labels on all your bottles Give yourself a spooky manicure Make a wreath out of ping pong balls and googly eyes Visit a cemetery Cut teeth out of apples and wear them in your mouth Or just wear classic plastic vampire fangs Perfect your Dracula accent When you cough or sneeze, do it into your elbow like a vampire Fill clear plastic gloves with candy and treats Visit a haunted house Wear plastic spider or bat rings Play the Hocus Pocus drinking game Do the Zombie 5K Host a costume contest Award people for best costumes funniest, scariest, most creative, etc.

Fun Ways to Celebrate Halloween at Work

Blow up inflatables in your yard Wear a mask under your mask Dress up your pet in a costume, if only for a minute to get an adorable picture Make a list of costumes you could wear with the things you already own or could easily make with zero dollars Try some cool face paint that could be your entire costume. Share Halloween puns Cover your feet in three strips of paint white, orange, and yellow and make candy corn prints on paper Dress up as a scarecrow or other prop in your yard and jump out at people as they walk by Send Halloween mail Visit a pumpkin patch Let us know in the comments and please SHARE with family and friends on Facebook to see how they all celebrate this spooky time of year!

Thumbnail source: Flickr. Before we carved pumpkins to make jack-o-lanterns, folks on the British Isles carved turnips instead. I have to say, these turnips are definitely a lot creepier. Czech families celebrate Halloween on November 2nd by pulling up empty chairs to the fireplace for every deceased relative. Just picture that for a second. It might get kind of creepy! In Italy, children wake up to candy and gifts laid out for them on the morning of November 2nd.

Who brought them these presents, though? Life experience will activate certain neurons, create new connections among them and strengthen existing connections—and unused connections eventually will be eliminated in a process called synaptic pruning. During this pruning, the connections in the brain that are frequently used are preserved, and those that are not are eliminated. All to make the brain more efficient and boost brainpower. Research has found that it is important to expose a child's brain to positive stimulation in order to preserve the right connections.

For example, if we consistently show a child love and care , those related connections in their brain will develop and strengthen over time. Without love and care, the corresponding brain cells atrophy and eventually will be removed from the child's brain network, making it difficult for them to comprehend what is essential to create healthy, meaningful relationships later in life. Bottom line: What we do during a child's formative years can have lifelong effects on their health and happiness. Keep those snuggles coming, mama. It was one of those mornings all moms know about.

I was tired , my daughter was tired and we were running late for school. My daughter was in her school uniform, her backpack was organized for the day, and her snack box was filled with healthy treats to keep her fueled. Yet I was still in my pajamas. My hair was pulled up in a messy bun, and my glasses—the gold glittery ones that my girl says look like they belong to a grandma from Las Vegas—were sliding down my nose.

As I pulled up to the school's entrance, there she was: another mom dropping off her 3rd grader. She was dressed in heels and a form-fitting dress with her hair perfectly styled and cascading down her back. I felt like the biggest wallflower on the planet.

Then my heart panicked. Dear God, please-oh-pretty-please make sure the principal is there to open the back passenger door. Please, don't make me have to step out of this car! Long story short, the principal met us and he opened the back door and greeted my girl. I inched out of the parking lot, pulled onto the street and headed home.

I wasn't as good as the mom who, at in the morning, was already perfectly outfitted for her day and ready to walk the runway of life. I pulled my car over, put my head on the steering wheel, and let out a long, hard sigh. Have you ever felt this way? It's not uncommon that we, as mothers, can find ourselves living in black and white when it seems everyone else is living in full color.

Life seems a little lackluster, at times. Where did that "together" woman go who once had time for wardrobe planning and long, warm showers? Moreover, when did the voice of insecurity enter whose sole occupation is to whisper of her inadequacies? How do you silence that voice? Where do you go to remind yourself of your worth, while you're reminding everyone else—your kids, your partner, your friends—of theirs?

How We Celebrate Halloween as Christians

How do you fall back in love with yourself and with your life? How do you return to the empowering sound of truth? When it seems that I've fallen out of love with the woman I see in the mirror, there are two key things that I do to connect back with my true voice. The voice that speaks of my value and my worth. First I initiate what I like to call irrational self-love. Irrational self-love is all about loving yourself without conditions.

One of the greatest gifts we can give our children is the ability to see their mothers as truly happy and in love with who they are. Our example of being comfortable in our own skin can help our kids grow to be real, whole, and joy-filled people who are comfortable in their own skin. I cannot give and serve from a place of depletion. Irrational self-love tells me that I'm worthy and of value, whether I find myself in my jammies or in a sequined gown. That's the mama I want my daughter to know and see exemplified before her every, single day.

We should be willing to love ourselves scars, flaws and all. That's irrational self-love and it will transform your life. Then I rally back with radical forgiveness. I'm tougher on myself than on anyone else in this life. Sometimes I practice diminishing self-talk and hold on to limiting beliefs. Yet when I hold tight to pain and when I keep score of hurt, I ultimately imprison myself. When I forgive—with radical and wide-sweeping forgiveness—I set myself free.

This freedom throws open the door to loving myself, and my life, again. And, when you're in love with your life, that joy spills over and buoys up everything and everyone you touch.

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Who or what do you need to forgive, right now? Even if the person you need to forgive is yourself, please let go of the burdens inside that are weighing you down. You didn't clean the dishes after dinner last night? It's okay. You drove to your daughter's school in your pj's this morning?

1. Carved Turnips

It's alright. Let it go, mamas.

Let it go. It's amazing just how freeing forgiveness is.

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  • It will bring you back to what matters most and that's love for yourself, your life and for all those around you. When the day has gone less than smooth, when it seems like motherhood has the upper hand on myself —I take action. Give yourself a good dose of irrational love and radical forgiveness. You're a beautiful and brave mama. Finding the perfect gift for your loved ones can be a tough task, but if you have a beauty buff on your holiday shopping list, then Pinterest has you covered.

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    7 Ways to Celebrate Halloween at Home, Because Sometimes Staying In Is Just More Fun

    The golden taupes and velvety bronzes look gorgeous on any skin tone and the pigment lasts forever. A great vitamin C serum is a must-have in any beauty buff's cabinet, but there's a lot on the market. This one has a blend of vitamins C, E, hyaluronic acid and ferulic acid—the perfect combo for hydrated and brightened skin at a great price point. Don't let 'festival' fool you when it comes to this kit—it's perfect to have on hand even if a night out isn't on your agenda.

    With dry shampoo, hairspray, a nourishing mask, rescue shot and frizz iron, no one will be able to tell you haven't washed it in a week. Aside from the cheeky name, this has an incredible formula that's made it a cult favorite for a while now. Pro tip: Grab the original and use it as a skin salve for the dryer months. With rich pigment at an affordable price, you can't go wrong with one of these palettes.

    How to Celebrate Halloween How to Celebrate Halloween
    How to Celebrate Halloween How to Celebrate Halloween
    How to Celebrate Halloween How to Celebrate Halloween
    How to Celebrate Halloween How to Celebrate Halloween
    How to Celebrate Halloween How to Celebrate Halloween
    How to Celebrate Halloween How to Celebrate Halloween

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