Journal of a Jaded Housewife

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The other shows are what they are but we get to show that other side of the coin. We both started out as dancers and being their choreographers—our ex husbands R. When we found each other it was like The Color Purple. People are looking at is as another tell-all. If I can walk away from R. If I can walk away from this, surely you can walk away from that for yourself. Your email address will not be published. Connect with us.

All of you really are Hollywood exes— AK: It was. In this article: andrea kelly , dating , divorce , r.

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Ongayle hotmail. In the San Francisco summer of , Eddie and Coral met at a party of fellow artists and writers and fell magnetically in love, dancing like one person. She painted and made jewelry: obsidian necklaces, turquoise earrings, carnelian bracelets. He was halfway through a short story collection about growing up in a Brooklyn project. They spent a mostly naked week in a cabin with no heat or electricity at an ocean meadow north of San Francisco.

Her rosy creamy complexion was the lighter part of an opened strawberry. She had sexily crooked oversized front teeth like a beaver eating chiclets.

The Psychology of Bitterness: 10 Essential Lessons

They found a ratty stinking six room apartment in a condemned building on a street no longer there. They cleaned. They washed the ceilings and the floors. They hit the Goodwills and Thrifts for furniture.

By writers, for writers. for over 30 years in Western Massachusetts

They painted all the rooms white, except for the kitchen and bathroom. She painted the stove and refrigerator flaming orange. She painted the bathtub purple and the toilet red, humming. Coral painted big, seven by four feet, sumptuous purple-blue hills and sundry sultry round forms. Coral claimed kinship with the ocean. She desired to give the waves gifts. One breezy night with friends they went to the beach and built a fire. She and Eddie strolled in the surf then, splashing, raced down to the beach.

Four breathless dunes down, she stripped and entered the ocean, ignoring the undertow sign, plunging into the black-green waves. She swam; a full moon lit the ocean. She dove, surfaced, dove and surfaced again, dove. Suddenly, Eddie saw only enormous silence. He called her name. He heard only the waves. He walked rapidly, then ran in little circles. Panic surged. Loss of breath choked him. Some waves turned dark green.

By writers, for writers. for over 30 years in Western Massachusetts

A slight whiteness flowed near, closer. She swam calmly then rose from the water. At the shore, he ran and took her in his arms. She smiled, her eyes faraway as he rubbed her shivering body. Ernie Brill is finishing a novel about a tumultuous strike against racism at San Francisco State College. He has widely published stories and poems in small presses. The same week the young soccer team got stuck in those caves in Thailand, our government was putting kids in cages over here.

Movie review | 'The Other Woman'

Cages here, caves there. I had a feeling the cave kids would be okay. Along with the rescue teams, the people of Thailand joined forces, cooking food, washing clothes, supplying transportation and doing whatever they could.

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  8. The world was pulling for this young soccer team. I felt a little hopeful. But I worry about this young coach.

    Desperate Housewife

    A diver lost his life trying to rescue the kids. I wonder how much guilt the coach is walking around with? He encouraged the team to explore the caves. No blame. They understood. It was South Bronx. I was fourteen. It was hot. Real hot. I was out in the street and went into the bodega to buy a cold soda. Being the only white kid on the block, I needed some street cred.

    Opening that hydrant was our version of making a swimming pool out of the street, giving us kids a way to cool off. It was wet and the water that streamed out of the hydrant was cold and hard. I know this little place under the old High Bridge where we can jump in the river and swim around and cool off.

    BITE: Diary of a Vampire Housewife

    Grant Highway and I brought them to a little spot under the bridge where there were giant rocks holding up one of the supporting bridge pillars. I thought I was hot shit having this cool secret swimming hole nobody knew about. It was me, Pappo and his two buddies that jumped in.

    Journal of a Jaded Housewife Journal of a Jaded Housewife
    Journal of a Jaded Housewife Journal of a Jaded Housewife
    Journal of a Jaded Housewife Journal of a Jaded Housewife
    Journal of a Jaded Housewife Journal of a Jaded Housewife
    Journal of a Jaded Housewife Journal of a Jaded Housewife
    Journal of a Jaded Housewife Journal of a Jaded Housewife
    Journal of a Jaded Housewife Journal of a Jaded Housewife

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