My Own Terms 2: Never Settle

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Stage Two: Self-Discovery

You inspire others to also take action. If you have chosen to read, watch, consume, travel, explore and learn — then share as you grow so others may benefit from your skill. Bless the world with meaningful and unique solutions that solve problems, limitations and frustrations.

You are capable of satisfying wants, needs, hopes, dreams and desires. Start chasing something bigger than yourself. What really matters is that you create something you are proud of that becomes a powerful addition to your body of work. We have to dare to be ourselves, however frightening or strange that self may prove to be.

Don’t Settle for Being an “-er Brand”

Instead, first ask yourself what you want to do. What makes you come alive. Civilisation has too many rules for you, so do your best to rewrite them!

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Deciding to live life on your own terms. As Steve Jobs once said:. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary. The only use of an obstacle is to be overcome. All that an obstacle does with brave men is, not to frighten them, but to challenge them.

My Own Terms 2

Most people abandon their efforts too early in the face of challenges. There is so much focus on quick and easy life hacks that we forget that true, deep, authentic, meaningful, and lasting work comes from deliberate consistent practice. Purposeful practice over time gets you closer each day to the success you crave. If you are not making progress as you expect, try changing up your pattern. There is not single path to meaningful work. Anyone going through a significant discovery stage in life will face enormous set backs.

Get back “home”?

But remember, a setback is a set up for a come back. Instead of giving up, find a new way to approach a scary task. Break it into tiny little bits. Work from a totally different location. Ask someone to talk you through an idea so you gain a new perspective and get out of your own head. Go for a walk. Draw a picture of the solution, instead of trying to write about it. Change how you work.

Sometimes you get so engrossed in your own passion project that you lose sight of the solution you seek which may be hidden in plain sight. Take any start or foothold you can get. To truly excel, you must first create for the most important audience of all: yourself. If you enjoyed this post, you will love Postanly Weekly. And my best posts of the week. Join over 11k readers! Here is what you have missed! Sign in. Get started. First, Brava to all the lasses of a certain age touring the continents!

As an American, there is really no such thing as a stable job or future anyway, so why not throw it all in a backpack and vaminos? Kudos to you, Nora, for blazing a path. Save me a seat!

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Haha — thanks, Elena! Thank you for this post! I can totally relate. I appreciate your perspective about trying to decipher what it is about any particular comment that upsets you, or what might be the real feeling that motivated the person to say it in the first place. I was totally offended by it at the time… it felt condescending and judgmental. Realizing that there were probably these other motives behind her comment helped me to be a little more understanding.

I appreciate your honesty with yourself and with your audience as you grapple with these things along the way. Thanks for sharing! Hence, the off-handed comments and ruffled feathers. Thanks for your support! Now I have been sort of settled for about years, in a small cabin on the BC coast with only short trips once per year, and I do value the closer friendships you make over time, and a sense of comfort..

Humans are weird that way, we tend to only see what is there, what someone has build and the squares your supposed to fit into….

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Now when they ask me when to settle down, I ask them when they are going to start living and do something with their life they were given past the realm of boring, materialistic, comfort driven mass consumption … they think I still some clueless hippy.. Some of your comments that especially resonated with me:. My jobs tour guiding and dive guiding are steady and keep me financially stable and happy. Definitely sharing this well articulated post! Thanks, Rachel! This is a most basic Human Desire. For the rest of us, we search, sometimes constantly, to find this Inner Peace or Joy by looking outside of ourselves.

This comes easily! Certainly the Media will show us! Anyone NOT following this well worn path along which the countless millions tread MAY pose a threat to those who are still plodding along that well worn path. What the heck IS that anyway? Getting old? Settle down?

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Hmmm, settling down is merely being at Peace with Oneself. Prepare for the future financially or otherwise? Good luck with that. Life can easily simply end, very often unexpectedly.

My Own Terms 2: Never Settle My Own Terms 2: Never Settle
My Own Terms 2: Never Settle My Own Terms 2: Never Settle
My Own Terms 2: Never Settle My Own Terms 2: Never Settle
My Own Terms 2: Never Settle My Own Terms 2: Never Settle
My Own Terms 2: Never Settle My Own Terms 2: Never Settle
My Own Terms 2: Never Settle My Own Terms 2: Never Settle
My Own Terms 2: Never Settle My Own Terms 2: Never Settle
My Own Terms 2: Never Settle My Own Terms 2: Never Settle

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