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This was her response:. I have not the most distant idea [of returning]. I did not embrace this work hastily: I came into it understandingly.

Having Strength Through Trials

I weighed the subject, I counted the cost, I knew the consequence of every step I took. If I could be among the numberless throng that John saw whose robes were washed white in the blood of the lamb[,] I must[,] like them, come up through much tribulation and instead of thinking it hard that I have these difficulties to pass through, I count it all joy that I am counted worthy to suffer shame for his name. Agnes Caldwell remembers Christena McNeil, a young woman who traveled with her family. While Sister Caldwell was gone, the officer asked Christena to stay with him.

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He proposed to her, showing her how rich he was and saying that the handcart company would perish and never make it to Utah. While trekking west, three of her siblings and her mother passed away. Mary went to the doctor who again said he needed to remove her feet at the ankle. She said she had felt that someone needed her there.

I told her the promise that Brigham Young had made me.

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She made a poultice and put it on my feet, and every day she would come and change the poultice. At the end of three months my feet were well. Perhaps those who sacrificed the most were the mothers who trekked west. Many had to bear and bury children along the trail. Eliza R. Snow says that on the first evening of the journey, nine children were born. Zina D. Young, a wife of Brigham Young, gave birth in the back of a covered wagon.

Though the birthing conditions were far from ideal, these mothers carried on. Her mother offered her clothes and her brother offered her money if she would not leave them and her country for the gospel.

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She says:. I felt so bad my heart seemed to turn over. She sailed to New Orleans and took a steamboat to St. A minister also boarded there and refused to come to eat because he thought Ann had cholera. All that I said happened, for he never left that house until he was carried out in his coffin. He said that he was glad it was him because he thought Ann would do a better job at raising their child. Not long after, he contracted cholera and passed away.

Faith in Every Footstep: The Epic Pioneer Journey (Video Presentation)

She and her sister Maggie continued with the handcart company until the two of them were so weak they collapsed. A handcart leader came by and put Nellie in the cart and had Maggie hold onto it and walk alongside. Because she walked by the cart, Maggie did not get frostbite. Nellie was not so lucky. But Nellie did not let this drag her down. Though she had to walk on her knees for the rest of her life, she married and had six children.

Mary Bathgate and Isabella Park were both over 60 years old when they traveled to Utah. They were good friends and neither had ridden in a wagon the whole trip. At one point, Isabella tried to see how her friend was doing. A brother tried to pull her out of the way, but the hind wheels went over her ankles. Mary Fielding Smith was a stalwart example of a faithful pioneer. One morning, they awoke to find several of their oxen missing. Joseph and his nephew searched for them, but had no success. When they returned to camp, they found Mary kneeling in prayer.

Afterwards, she went to look for the oxen herself. Mary found the oxen, in a clump of willow trees.

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The herdsmen had hidden them there with the intention of stealing them. However, at Winter Quarters Mary would lose many of her oxen and horses. She improvised by hooking two of her wagons together, having her oxen pull twice the load. One of the men told her to stay behind, saying she would be a burden and slow the company. Sarah Loader Holman remembers a time between when her handcart company had run out of food and the rescue wagons from Salt Lake had not yet arrived. It was so cold that when the family tried to drive the tent pegs, the ground was frozen too hard to do so.

3 Powerful Pioneer Stories from President Monson

However, the tent had gotten wet earlier and froze into shape while they were holding it up. The next morning, the two older daughters were so cold and tired they refused to get up. However, I accepted the cake with great patriotism. Margaret would become very close with another young man in the company. Such is the constancy of man! Her yelling soon stopped the wagon and brought help from the other pioneers. Susannah Stone was the only member of her family to join the Church.

At the age of 25, despite the protests of family and friends, she left to go to America and joined the Willie Handcart company. After a time I was aroused by a voice, which seemed as audible as anything could be, and which spoke to my very soul of the promises and blessings I had received and that I had a mission to perform in Zion. I received strength, and was filled with the Spirit of the Lord and arose and traveled on with a light heart. When she reached camp, Susannah found a search party ready to go look for her.

Emily Hill, right, is pictured in a four-generation photo.

Church History Tells Stories of Extraordinary Pioneer Youth

Photo courtesy of FamilySearch. I set down my foot that I would try, and by the blessing of God I pulled a handcart a thousand miles and never rode one step. Pioneer writings include stories of remarkable youth who led their families across the plains, clung to their faith through opposition, and willingly sacrificed for their fellow Saints and the Lord. As told in Our Pioneer Heritage , volume 3, Mary sailed to America with her father, stepmother, and two younger half-siblings when she was 8 years old.

After taking a train to St. Louis, the family lived in Missouri for several years. Mary expressed this goal to her father, and he sold all his possessions to buy a wagon and other necessities to travel west. There was never an inclination or a prompting or even a gut feeling that her life would change forever, literally in a flash, on Feb. The wife, mother, athlete and lover of all things Primary was physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually ready when she stepped into that cabin that exploded seconds later.

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Pioneer Stories Pioneer Stories
Pioneer Stories Pioneer Stories
Pioneer Stories Pioneer Stories
Pioneer Stories Pioneer Stories
Pioneer Stories Pioneer Stories
Pioneer Stories Pioneer Stories
Pioneer Stories Pioneer Stories
Pioneer Stories Pioneer Stories
Pioneer Stories Pioneer Stories

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