Psicología. Historia, teoría y procesos básicos (Spanish Edition)

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Inhibited power motivation and high blood pressure in men.

Historia de la Psicología Cognitiva

Journal of Abnormal Psychology, 88 2 , Milyavskaya, M. Balance across contexts: Importance of balance need satisfaction across various life domains. Maslow's theory of motivation: A critique.

Psicologia. Historia Teoria Y Procesos Basicos Por Israel Grande-garcia

Journal of Humanistic Psychology, 31 3 , , Raj, S. Self-determination theory: How basic psychological needs affect well-being.

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Goals, congruence and positive well-being: New empirical support for humanistic theories.

Mathematical education of young and adults: pedagogical implications of historical-cultural theory

Validity of questionnaire and TAT measures of need for achievement: Two meta-analyses. The factorial structure corroborates partially the set of hypothetic factors and suggests that the questionnaire present satisfactory validity and consistence, and that it is better than the prior available questionnaire. Abstract Portuguese:. Factor analysis , Measurement , Organizational socialization , Psychological evaluation , Validation of questionnaire.

Keywords Portuguese:. Mentorship behaviors and mentorship quality associated with mentoring programs: closing the gap between research and practice. Journal of Applied Psychology, Washington, v. Relationship effectiveness for mentors: factors associated with learning and quality.