Seeing is Believing (The Whispering Book 1)

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Both can contain quirky characters, strange scenarios and inspire curious behaviour. Recent studies have thrown up some surprising statistics about how common they are. The number roughly halves in teenagers and drops again in adults. Since this type of research tends to focus on experiences that are selected because they can appear in mental health problems in adults, such as hearing voices, which are only a small part of the possible range of hallucinations, these figures are likely to be a low estimate.

It is interesting that hallucinations become less common as we move towards adulthood.

For all its reputation for causing emotional mayhem, puberty might be a stabilising force on our perceptions. Childhood hallucinations are often sparked by life stresses, poor sleep and periods of low mood that fade when the difficult situations do. If the hallucinations are upsetting or persistent, however, it may be time to ask for a professional assessment.

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Renaud Jardri has seen many children with hallucinations in his clinical practice and also researches the area as part of his role as a professor of child and adolescent psychiatry at the Lille University school of medicine. In rare cases, medical problems can be the cause.

Seeing Is Believing

Epilepsy can cause hallucinations, as can sleep disorders that affect consciousness and lead to the dream world invading the waking hours. But when such conditions occur, the hallucinations can be both striking and terrifying. Then there are imaginary friends that are not hallucinations but vivid fantasies, which have been the subject of much adult hand-wringing over the years. And it also encompasses two motifs which feature strongly in the novel, hearts and imaginings.

And the garden: a maze of established trees and crouching shrubs and flowers with bees on them and the faint trickle of water. A garden in which to wander, in which to get lost. For picnics and parties. It breathed in time with me and spat me out into the afternoon air, where the sea caught on the updraft and shot through the corridors.

I watched it heave and change as it became night. These pittosporums become a sort of reference point in the novel for her experience of the garden and, in a way, for her mental state, because this is a story about mental states. It was clearly a loving family but one under immense stress which each member handled in slightly different ways. One of the pleasures in reading this sad but ultimately hopeful book lies in the characters around Heather.

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Initially the focus of her dreams for her little family, it becomes escape and refuge:. I threw myself from the bed and into the air. Nightlife moved in silhouette and shadow: the broad wings of a fruit bat against the sky, the low call of the boobook owl that always spoke in couplets — mopoke, mopoke.

In the garden the pittosporums stood to attention and the moon pooled at their feet. But gradually it enables her imagination to run amok — and it plays an important role in the resolution.

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ISBN: Oh this sounds like something I would like! I hope it makes it to the US. And that cover really is lovely.

How did the author come to have such a deep understanding of mental illness — experienced it herself, in her family or via her work? Beautiful cover by the way. I wondered that too Karen… I understand that she has experienced mental illness herself.

Seeing Is Believing (The Whispering #1) by Eden Laroux

Her writing certainly felt authentic, but it read like a novel too, that is not like a memoir. That takes great skill — when you are so close to a subject its hard to take a step back and look at it objectively.

It sounds interesting and well written, I might add it to my Xmas presents list for giving to family, so I can read them later. Further to the comment about experience, do you have any idea how old the author is? Yes, I think it would be a good Xmas gift, Bill. This one is inspired I think which probably means that the book really spoke to her. Fair enough … I started at one stage noting designers in my bib record at the end but decided not to continue with it. Makes sense, Lisa … perhaps I should do that too. That you were moved to tears, Sue, is all the recommendation I need.

That, and the lovely, lovely sentence: After six weeks of looking and imagining, we ate teacakes on the western side of the peninsula and our heart stayed behind when we left.

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Seeing is Believing (The Whispering Book 1) Seeing is Believing (The Whispering Book 1)
Seeing is Believing (The Whispering Book 1) Seeing is Believing (The Whispering Book 1)
Seeing is Believing (The Whispering Book 1) Seeing is Believing (The Whispering Book 1)
Seeing is Believing (The Whispering Book 1) Seeing is Believing (The Whispering Book 1)
Seeing is Believing (The Whispering Book 1) Seeing is Believing (The Whispering Book 1)
Seeing is Believing (The Whispering Book 1) Seeing is Believing (The Whispering Book 1)

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