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Sketchup is designed to create objects that can be inserted into Google Earth where one typically looks at objects from above. X3D scenes are by default looked at sideways, e. As an exercise, have a look at the picture to the right that represents the X-Y-Z "right hand rule" also called right hand coordinate system as it is used in X3D. By simple rotation of your hand you can make it fit with the sketchup representation. Drawing tip: Keep the middle of the object or scene collection of objects around the origin.

This way you'd only have to rotate if you plan to export a model for importation into another 3D world or program.

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Otherwise, you first have to translate the model before you rotate. The Camera menu includes additional items besides letting you do the same operations as in the two tool bars we just presented. The most useful one is the Zoom extents command. In the free Google Sketchup version, there are no primitive 3D objects.

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Basically one has to draw a 2D object and then extrude it into a 3D object. For now, we don't plan to write our own tutorial. Instead we point to the most relevant pages from Google's online documentation and in particular, some sections of the. It is good practice to select either the rotation or the hand tool once you are done with a drawing operation. This way you won't draw anything by accident. SketchUp includes a so-called inference engine to help you drawing in 2D and 3D space.

SketchUp notifies you of these points by using both color indicators and tool tips, which are on-screen messages indicating the location of the cursor as you draw an entity. For example, SketchUp displays the string 'On Face' when the cursor is touching a face. Please, go and read the pages on Inference at Google Sketchup.

In particular, you should learn about the various Inference types for starters. You then also should learn how to provoke and lock inference press the shift key for the latter. Understanding the inference tool tips really is crucial. At least you should remember my point and read it sometimes later. There are six basic drawing tools. Google's six modification tools allow to change the shape of an object. Some of these tools are multi-functional, i. As all the modification tools, moving is multi-functional: It can move, stretch and copy geometry. This tool can also be used to rotate components and groups.

Read: Introduction. Read : Creating your first model. It will teach you basic drawing and extrusion, e. You can rotate any face or selected faces. So if you want to rotate an object like cube, make sure to select all faces first or make into a group or component first. The follow me tool allows to extrude a face along a path. It can be put to various uses, e. Read: Scale tool: Introduction. Allows to clone a drawing with a smaller or bigger size. This new edition of "Woodworker's Guide to SketchUp" is a digital publication in enhanced PDF format includes all new images and embedded video content.

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The text has been revised and expanded with streamlined techniques and new content on building models from photos, using the Solid Tools in SketchUp Pro, and plug-ins from the Extension Warehouse. Expert SketchUp instructor Mike Tadros shows you his techniques for using SketchUp in a professional, production-oriented environment, allowing you to finish drawings faster and get better results, whether you work alone or in a multiperson studio.

Starting with customizing SketchUp preferences for maximum efficiency, Mike takes you through a professional SketchUp workflow--from setting up your workspace to installing Ruby scripts to importing CAD files and images to managing libraries to exporting your finished product. Remodeling with SketchUp; Measure and Draw Your Existing Space, is the first installment of a series of eBooks designed to get you up and running with the design of your next project using SketchUp, the world's most popular 3D Computer Modeling software.

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SketchUp is easy to learn, easy to use, and most of all, it's FUN! This interactive eBook includes full color illustrations, how-to videos, and sample SketchUp files to ensure an engaging, informational, and interactive learning experience. This eBook takes you through the essential first steps of your remodeling project: the process of taking accurate measurements, and creating a detailed 3D model of your existing space.

Whether you are a professional designer, or a homeowner; new to SketchUp, or have already begun to use it on projects, you are sure to enjoy this book and learn tons of time-saving techniques along the way! Instructions for creating 3D photoreal graphics for SketchUp models using integrated rendering programs. Universal method for models including architecture, interiors, and site design models, handling textures and materials, component details, exterior and simulated lighting, render settings, and Photoshop post-processing.

Then the book shows how to use Twilight Render to create photorealistic images of their designs ready to use in their portfolio or with their clients. Lighting, reflective surfaces and realistic materials are a breeze with the Twilight plugin and the book goes into just enough detail to make the reader comfortable and confident with its use. SketchUp is a fantastic design tool for woodworkers. It can save you time, materials and money by letting you test your designs before you even make your first cut.

But, as with any computer software, there is a learning curve. This comprehensive guide provides you with the specific advice that you need in order to use the program effectively. Created from a woodworkers perspective, SketchUp: A Design Guide for Woodworkers helps you create beautiful furniture designs and reduces chances of costly construction errors.

Les outils de base de dessin, de construction et de modification. The tutorials will introduce you to using SketchUp to create 3D models for interior design. Several pieces of furniture are modeled. The process is broken down into the fundamental concepts of 2D line work, 3D extraction, applying materials and printing.

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A real-world project is provided to explore and it is employed in the book to develop a walkthrough animation. Beginning with a quick start tutorial which will get you up and running with SketchUp quickly, you will move on to learning the key skills you will need to wow your clients with stunning visualizations through a series practical steps, tips and tricks. This two-book set will take you from start to finish with SketchUp Detailed, step-by-step exercises will guide you every step of the way, from creating a simple house to understanding groups and components, modeling with digital photos, placing models in Google Earth, searching and uploading to SketchUp's 3D Warehouse, installing and using plugins, and much more!

This book will take you from start to finish with LayOut Detailed, practical, step-by-step exercises will guide you every step of the way, from exporting your SketchUp model into a presentation, to working with scenes, layers and styles to control what appears in each viewport.

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You'll learn how to create templates and title blocks, how to clip objects both in SketchUp and LayOut , create text and "smart" labels, add hatches and patterns, work with scrapbooks, and how to create streamlined standard presentations and working drawings. Designed for use in classroom setting, this book is based on the exercises in our pro-level SketchUp books. In addition to numerous illustrated, hands-on exercises, there are also over 50 independent projects to be used as classwork or homework assignments.

Whether you've dabbled in drawing in 3D or are interested in learning the basics of design, SketchUp For Dummies makes it fast and easy to learn the ropes of a powerful, user-friendly tool to bring your design ideas to life. From creating a basic 3D model to showing off your work via 3D print or animation, this all-access guide pulls back the curtain on using SketchUp to do anything from redesigning your house to mocking up the next great invention.

A practical introduction for interior designers and students. Covers the basics of creating 3D models before showing how to create space plans, model furniture, cabinetry, and accessories, experiment with colors and materials, incorporate manufacturers' models into project plans, and create final presentations and animated walk-throughs for clients.

Includes downloadable sample models and a tutorial video, sample questions and activities for instructors and additional online resources for students and self-learners. It is designed to teach the basics of 3D modeling by working through a typical kitchen project. After making a model of the room readers learn how to create models of cabinets, counters and appliances and how to make use of the resources in the SketchUp 3D Warehouse.

Later chapters discuss rendering a complete model, generating images and standard drawings and the use of LayOut with SketchUp Pro. All the described procedures are illustrated. At the end of each chapter there is a summary of the main topics addressed and exercises to be downloaded from this site. Describes best practices for creating LayOut documents from SketchUp models. Matt shows his 5-point method for preparing models for layout, and goes on to showcase real-world examples and advanced techniques.

From preliminary schematics to construction documentation and everything in between, the book sketches out a workflow that is flexible enough to use from start to finish. You'll discover helpful techniques, smart tips, and best practices that will make your design process easier, as well as helping you easily export your models into BIM programs. Includes in-depth coverage of LayOut and video tutorials on more advanced methods.

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SketchUp Make How Tos (Doing to Understand Book 8) SketchUp Make How Tos (Doing to Understand Book 8)
SketchUp Make How Tos (Doing to Understand Book 8) SketchUp Make How Tos (Doing to Understand Book 8)
SketchUp Make How Tos (Doing to Understand Book 8) SketchUp Make How Tos (Doing to Understand Book 8)
SketchUp Make How Tos (Doing to Understand Book 8) SketchUp Make How Tos (Doing to Understand Book 8)
SketchUp Make How Tos (Doing to Understand Book 8) SketchUp Make How Tos (Doing to Understand Book 8)
SketchUp Make How Tos (Doing to Understand Book 8) SketchUp Make How Tos (Doing to Understand Book 8)

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