Taboo Swingers (Taboo Club Universe)

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Will they find romance? Published: January 29, by Itch Reserve Books. Maya can't get pregnant so her husband proposes a solution: what if her stepbrother Dennis, with whom she has a sexual past, had sex with her the old-fashioned way? But when they get in the swing of things, her nephew catches them into the act Published: January 23, by Itch Reserve Books. After having her life saved from drowning, the most beautiful and popular cheerleader in school rewards Shawn by inviting him for a threesome with her boyfriend on prom night.

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Taboo Swingers (Taboo Club Universe) Taboo Swingers (Taboo Club Universe)
Taboo Swingers (Taboo Club Universe) Taboo Swingers (Taboo Club Universe)
Taboo Swingers (Taboo Club Universe) Taboo Swingers (Taboo Club Universe)
Taboo Swingers (Taboo Club Universe) Taboo Swingers (Taboo Club Universe)
Taboo Swingers (Taboo Club Universe) Taboo Swingers (Taboo Club Universe)
Taboo Swingers (Taboo Club Universe) Taboo Swingers (Taboo Club Universe)
Taboo Swingers (Taboo Club Universe) Taboo Swingers (Taboo Club Universe)

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