The Making of a Hitter

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Making One-Hitters Out of Everyday Objects

As you can see in the pictures above, they are all in the same positions at those points in the swing and one of the beautiful things about hitting is that they all got there differently. When working with your hitters or your son or daughter, understand that no matter what kind of stance or stride they have, that they must all eventually get into these positions! Every day we interact with kids of ALL ability levels. So many times, coaches will limit the development of a player simply by just not believing they can achieve something. Daily I see kids much smaller than any high school-aged player hit the ball high and far.

This will give them the best chance at success, not trying to hit the ball through the infield. Check out this stat from Alan Nathan, who is a Physics professor at the University of Illinois and one of my favorite guys to follow on Twitter.

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If you want to see more of his presentation, you can click here. Even at lower exit velocities, launch angle still matters. Check out this video of one of our clients at Baseball Rebellion, Nick, who is 10 years old and weighs 70 pounds. From the video, you can see Nick has a decently high leg kick and attacks the ball on an upward swing plane. Nick is now allowed to swing the way he wants to while regularly hitting the ball feet Anyone who is familiar with Baseball Rebellion knows our general swing philosophy.

We want to help give the hitter the greatest chance at making hard contact.

The Making of a Hitter Jim Lefebvre Baseball Dodgers MLB 1979 PB

This slide I showed during my presentation was the one that I was asked the most questions about. A pitch game was once routine in the majors, but only seven pitchers besides Verlander have done it this year. Lately, combined no-hitters have been as common as complete-game no-hitters.

From through , major leaguers pitched two combined no-hitters while there were 40 complete-game no-hitters. In the last two seasons there have been three of each. In , the year Verlander was born, major leaguers threw complete games. Last season that number dwindled to 42, a record low. Sabathia among active pitchers.

He started the All-Star Game in Cleveland in July and worked just one inning, prompting a reporter to ask — kiddingly — if he could see himself as an opener someday. Great job. The baseball swing should mimic throwing a ball sidearm. Doug, thanks so much for the great web site.

You are good for the game of baseball and your wife is a gem for managing the site and helping the both of you to leave your mark on the baseball community in a way that benefits others instead of seeking glory for yourself. I have a question about the 7 absolutes of hitting. You argue that bent arms is the most powerful position, and I believe that would be the case if we were performing a stationary act, such as standing still and trying to absorb an impact.

In that case, we would be stronger and more stable with arms bent and closer to our core. But since power in the baseball swing comes mostly from bat speed and requires us to barrel up the baseball, it seems certain that we will limit the speed we can transfer from the ground up and into our hands and bat if we shorten our arms. A short whip will produce less speed than a long one at the very end of the whip. And the fact that we need to barrel the ball up anyway will take care of the fact that having our arms extended puts us in a weaker position to withstand a blow.

Again, you get tons of respect and props from me. Hi Doug, I am the mother of a high school baseball player who is in his senior year varsity. He plays pitcher, shortstop most of the time. All the sudden this year he started to play really bad, not hitting the balls, missing grounders, when before he was a very good player.

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What do you advise, we are desperate at this point. His mechanics are good, but he does it make contact with the ball anymore. Help please.

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Hi, I am the father of two sons that guys playing baseball. It is useful for us. Thanks so much Mate. This is helping alot! I was wondering if you have a page for pitching? Swinging and missing a strike 3 pitch is one of the most frustrating things in sports.

The Making of a Hitter

Learn where you miss and how you miss, talk to your teammates, have confidence, be patient and if you keep your eye on the ball you can drive it. My nephew is 5 and my brother is showing him how to hit, what are some teaching tools I can tell him to give my nephew a good fundamental foundation of how to hit a baseball. Thanks for this advice these were some good tips. This helped me with my research for my baseball project for school and it is also helpful for when I play.

I also want to thank you for signing an autograph for me in when you were on the Twins. I have it on my shelf in my room. It is a beautiful stadium and great fans.

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Thanks for the kind words. Baseball is so cool, where there are many ways to get focused and perform better on the field. Tell your son nice work on the homeruns. Thanks for sharing.

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Tracey, Its always a little different when it comes to competition and people are in the stands cheering and coaches are giving signs and trying to help the players. Just encourage him to watch the coach but once he gets in the batters box then he should turn his attention to the pitcher only. Once he steps out, he can look around. He will figure it out, he is young, keep encouraging him. Thanks for writing in with your question. Hope this helps. I am a little league coach and this is a very common problem for young kids.

What I like to do is get on the pitchers mound and walk a ball to the plate making sure that they are staring at the ball the whole time.

The Making of a Hitter The Making of a Hitter
The Making of a Hitter The Making of a Hitter
The Making of a Hitter The Making of a Hitter
The Making of a Hitter The Making of a Hitter
The Making of a Hitter The Making of a Hitter
The Making of a Hitter The Making of a Hitter

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