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Taken: The Vampire's Concubine Book One

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Email address. Readers Benefits of registering Where are my ebooks? Ask it above. Adult Taboo Erotica Rated 4. Hieron, vampire lord of Harkham, is unaccustomed to visitors in his private bedchamber, but Hieron finds himself unusually fascinated by the stranger who appears before him unbidden. Offering no name and no explanation of his reasons, the young man offers ninety nine years of absolute service in exchange for the gift of vampire power.

Taken: The Vampire’s Concubine Booklist | Desiree Broussard

Hieron, vampire lord of Harkham, is unaccustomed to visitors in his private bedchamber unless he has expressly invited them. Such an unsolicited intrusion should mean the interloper's death, but Hieron finds himself unusually fascinated by the stranger who appears before him unbidden. Amused and aroused, Hieron agrees to the bargain, names his enigma, Umi and decides he will become his newest concubine.

The only thing left is to seal the deal in a bond of sex and supernatural power. Create Widget. About Sophie Duncan. After locating the vampires' graves, he finds them asleep 'open eyed'. He attempts to kill the first but almost fails as his eyes befall her beauty. Caught in an enchantment, he becomes entranced and lost in a state of uncertainty.

Becoming overwhelmed with emotions, he feels compelled to protect her instead and even contemplates love for her. He suddenly hears a 'Soul Wail' from Mina which breaks the enchantment allowing him to finish his work. First using a blacksmith hammer, he strikes a stake into her then proceeds to operate on her, detaching the head from the body then filling the mouth with garlic. He repeats this process with the other two as well taking him an entire day to complete. Dracula's reaction to their deaths is not known. Commonly all three brides appear in film adaptations of the novel, though some film adaptations depict them as a blonde, a brunette and a redhead.

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They are typically depicted as enchantingly beautiful young women, coquettish and seductive in manner, often appearing like succubi in the night, dressed in flowing silk nightgowns and behaving in a wild and sexually aggressive manner. Bellucci, Bercu and Kendrick's dialogue was entirely in Romanian , and Kendrick reportedly helped her co-stars to speak her native tongue correctly. In this adaptation the vampire portrayed by Kendrick is clearly modelled on Medusa the Gorgon , and has living snakes coiled through her hair; another appears to be based upon an Arabian princess due to her attire.

It is the brunette vampire portrayed by Kendrick that is the leader, rather than the blonde portrayed by Bercu. The three brides are present but silent in the television adaptation Bram Stoker's Dracula starring Jack Palance. The latter film, shot simultaneously on the same sets at night with a separate cast and crew, depicts the brides as more obviously sexual than in the more chaste English-language version. Some films inspired by the novel show fewer than three.

In the spoof Dracula: Dead and Loving It only two Brides appear, where they are depicted as heavily sexualized when they first arrive in the room where Renfield is staying as they attempt to seduce him.

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Dracula saves him from the Brides, sending them away, before convincing the simple minded Renfield he had simply had a strange dream. The Brides are neither named nor have any spoken dialogue in this film. In both Horror of Dracula and Drakula İstanbul'da , only a single bride appears.

Verona is the oldest of the brides and Dracula's consort, whereas Aleera and Marishka are his concubines. Aleera, the youngest of the trio, is portrayed as the most vicious. Their roles are greatly expanded into those of secondary antagonists, motivated by a need to find a way for their offspring to live, as vampire children are born dead. They are also given the ability to transform into harpy-like creatures and fly.

The series described as a sexy re-imagining of Dracula as a family drama with a trio of strong, diverse female leads, a show about empowered women and the things they do to maintain wealth, prestige, legacy — and their non-traditional family. At the beginning of the film Dracula 3D , Dracula attacks a young woman named Tania portrayed by Miriam Giovanelli after she secretly meets a lover, making her a vampire and his minion.

He later passes her off as his niece to Harker, whom she tries to seduce. Tania is eventually dispatched by Van Helsing.

Although he actually proposes to Marianne Yvonne Monlaur , his plan to vampirize her is thwarted by Professor Van Helsing Peter Cushing , who kills the Baron while the two vampire brides seemingly escape. Despite the film's title, Dracula never appears in it. The Brides of Dracula concept was also present in the horror comedy The Monster Squad , in which Dracula abducts three young women and turns them into his vampire brides. In Dracula , the brides are turned at different times throughout the movie.

The brides also appear in the television series Buffy The Vampire Slayer in the season 5 premier " Buffy vs. Dracula ". They appear in Dracula, the musical. In the Czech Musical Dracula , the brides are called "nymphs".

Rasputina - Transylvanian Concubine (Manson Mix)

They are the victims of Dracula, slightly resentful but still devoted to him. They are jealous, mischievous and enjoy troubles and gossiping.

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They serve as a comical relief but at the same time they represent Dracula's dark, vampiric side. They also appear in the French Canadian musical Dracula - Entre l'amour et la mort.

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As in the version, they speak in their native tongue and play up their supernatural nature by being able to fly and phase through objects. Despite being married to Victoria he keeps his retinue of Brides. It is mentioned that one of the Brides is Barbara of Celje. In The Diaries of the Family Dracul by Jeanne Kalogridis , the Brides are imagined as Zsuzsanna Tsepesh , a descendant of Vlad Dracul believed in the novels to be his niece ; Dunya , a Transylvanian servant of Vlad's mortal descendants, and Elisabeth Bathory , the notorious Hungarian noblewoman who murdered hundreds of her servants and bathed in their blood.

In The Dracula Tape they are seen not long after Harker comes into the castle with Dracula warning them to leave him be. In this story, the brides are disrespectful to Dracula and try to undermine him where they can. Dracula later reveals that he has tired of them and does not even remember why he turned them in the first place. It is implied that unlike Dracula who did not want to scare or harm anyone , the women let the power go to their heads once they became vampires and he had more or less planned to abandon them in the castle.

But while Dracula was trying to make friends with Harker, their visit as depicted in the novel only make the situation and misunderstanding worse. In this adaptation they are named Melisse , the tall, dark-haired bride. Wanda , the second dark-haired one and described as full-breasted as well as mentioned to be Melisse's younger sister. And Anna , the blonde bride who is noted to be the senior of the three and the one who is most outspoken and rebellious against Dracula.

Later in the story when Dracula returns back to the castle, he finds that the three have terrorized the village Dracula was friends with and promptly confronts them. Anna attempts an assassination by controlling a partially turned farmhand to attack him, but Dracula easily thwarts the attempt, reprimands them and sends them away. When they're killed by Van Helsing, Dracula does mention that, while he was glad that their deaths prevented jealously with Mina, that he didn't wish that fate on them as well.

The Vampires Concubine The Vampires Concubine
The Vampires Concubine The Vampires Concubine
The Vampires Concubine The Vampires Concubine
The Vampires Concubine The Vampires Concubine
The Vampires Concubine The Vampires Concubine
The Vampires Concubine The Vampires Concubine
The Vampires Concubine The Vampires Concubine
The Vampires Concubine The Vampires Concubine
The Vampires Concubine

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