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Detect and Respond to Threats Faster

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Detect anomalous user behavior and threats with advanced analytics.

The Quantum Computing Threat to American Security

Analyze network traffic to uncover and neutralize network-based threats. Achieve more effective cybersecurity with a common taxonomy for threat analysis and research. Defending your enterprise comes with great responsibility. With intuitive, high-performance analytics and a seamless incident response workflow, your team will uncover threats faster, mitigate risks more efficiently, and produce measurable results.

The latest research on threats and technology.

Bring clarity and context to anomalous user behavior by corroborating risk with full-featured UEBA. Go beyond basic network traffic analysis with full detection, investigation, and response capabilities. Get started with network monitoring and traffic analysis for free. You've already built a team of smart people — but managing multiple tools is holding them back.

Protecting your business is about to get a lot easier.

Amplify your existing resources to gain optimal performance. Elevate your team's expertise and get the most out of your LogRhythm solution. Join the discussion! Share best practices, get the latest updates, and give us your feedback.

THREAT FROM ABOVE achievement PUBG mobile

Learn how our team of security experts can help you succeed through their real-world SOC experience. Threats are dynamic and attack vectors change constantly.

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Respond quickly and minimize damage by using the rich external context enabled by threat intelligence. Immediately know about dangerous IP addresses, files, processes, and other risks in your environment. The platform uses this data to reduce false-positives, detect hidden threats, and prioritize your most concerning alarms.

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Want to leverage open source threat feeds? LogRhythm helps you rapidly incorporate threat intelligence from several open source providers:. STIX Structured Threat Information eXpression is a language for describing cyber threat information in a standardized and structured manner.

Threat Threat
Threat Threat
Threat Threat
Threat Threat
Threat Threat
Threat Threat
Threat Threat

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